Residence permit in Ukraine

Residence permitIf you need to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine (either permanent or temporary) - you will have to postpone your current affairs, collect the necessary documents, sometimes stand in queue, that is, spend a lot of time and effort.
We shall help you to prepare the necessary documents and quickly obtain a residence permit in Ukraine without difficulties.

Advantages of a residence permit in Ukraine

Doing business, working, studying – these are not all the benefits of a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine. With such a permit, a foreigner or a stateless person shall have the opportunity to:

  • be serviced by banks;
  • import his/her car without payment of duties;
  • cross the border without any problems.

Having a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, a person actually equates to an average Ukrainian, just cannot participate in elections and buy agricultural land.

Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

As a general rule, the right to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine is granted to foreigners and stateless persons who have attained the age of 16 years. The main reason for obtaining a residence permit is the possibility of legalizing one’s stay in Ukraine. The maximum period for such a stay, in case of obtaining a temporary residence permit, is three years. Then it is necessary to extend the permit or to return to one’s former status.
The basis for obtaining a permanent residence permit is obtaining a permit for immigration, arriving for permanent residence in Ukraine.
The most popular grounds and documents required to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine:

  • Employment - a work permit is required.
  • Family reunification - this option is possible if one of the family members has citizenship or permanent place of residence in Ukraine, then it is necessary to add a marriage certificate and a copy of the passport of the person acting as the inviting party in the process of obtaining a residence permit.

You can call us for a preliminary consultation, our lawyer will help you  to determine the grounds for issuing a residence permit.
You can also obtain a temporary residence permit on the following grounds:

  • Education - a document confirming the fact of studying in Ukraine is submitted (duly certified copies of the order of the educational establishment on enrollment and setting of periods of study for foreign students);
  • Work at a representative office of a foreign company - the representative office of a foreign company should issue the corresponding request and provide the registration document of the said representative office;
  • Volunteer, cultural, scientific or educational activities – it is necessary to have the concluded international agreements and the request of the relevant state body responsible for the implementation of cultural, educational, scientific, sports, volunteer programs for which a foreigner or a stateless person arrived in Ukraine;
  • Journalistic activity - it is necessary to provide a request from foreign media and Ukrainian authority responsible for state information policy;
  • Participation in the establishment of a legal entity registered in the territory of Ukraine - copies of the constituent documents of such legal entity are required and also other documents may be required confirming the fact of the investment.

What documents are required

You should provide:

  • Document giving grounds for the residence permit;
  • Identification document (passport, ID).

We shall:

  • Prepare the application;
  • Make notarized translations of necessary documents pages;
  • Accompany you for receipt of health insurance;
  • Accompany you for receipt of other documents required depending on the grounds for obtaining  residence permit.

The additional list of documents depends on the grounds for issuing the residence permit. If this is a marital relationship, a guarantee letter from the receiving party may be required to ensure that the receiving party has sufficient finances to support the family members; a copy of the marriage certificate. If the basis for residence permit is employment, then you must obtain a work permit in Ukraine first.
In order for us to help you prepare the necessary documents, we just need a copy of your passport, and we shall prepare the rest ourselves.
Send us your inquiry and our lawyer will contact you as soon as possible. The main advantage is that your time is saved. You can be involved in more important matters while we prepare and file all the necessary documents and pay all the fees and duties.