Legal assistance

Legal assistanceSuccessful resolution of any type of legal dispute almost always requires the involvement of legal practitioners specializing in particular areas of law.
Within the framework of current legislation, Proconsult specialists are ready to provide their professional legal assistance in the most difficult and confusing situations. With our help you can quickly achieve the desired result, saving your time and nerves.

Legal assistance of experienced professionals

At Proconsult you will receive a wide range of legal services:

  • Oral legal advice (no time limitation).
  • Assistance in pre-litigation negotiations and conflict negotiations.
  • Assistance in corporate and civil disputes (property and inheritance rights, family, housing issues, etc.).
  • Successful representation of interests in court.
  • Professional protection in criminal proceedings.
  • Participation in administrative disputes (all stages of the proceedings).
  • Intellectual property rights protection (patent disputes).
  • Assistance with the processing of documents (lawsuits, claims, statements, complaints, etc.).
  • At any time you can order a lawyer's urgent arrival at the place of request.

Why should you apply to Proconsult?

Our lawyers have a long-standing practice of pre-litigation and litigation of any complexity, they work in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation on the Bar and legal practice in Ukraine, and are ready to provide professional support in court at any time.

  • Our attorneys and lawyers conduct a thorough preliminary analysis of all the circumstances (evidence) and explain to the client all the possible options for resolving the dispute.
  • We provide services to commercial companies and individuals in a transparent, mutually beneficial manner and in accordance with the agreement concluded on an individual basis with each client.
  • You will always be accompanied by professionals with solid experience in the right field of law.
  • Even in the most hopeless cases, we solve the problem by offering alternatives to achieve a positive result.

We guarantee a responsible approach to the problems of our principals, prompt response to appeals and quality services rendered by specialists.