Consulting Services

consulting servicePROconsult consulting company provides consulting services and achieves maximum results in all its projects by building effective communication with its clients.
We offer our clients a wide range of professional consulting services. Many years of experience of our team, gained knowledge and detailed understanding of the special features of our clients’ business makes it possible for us to develop individual, unique and maximally effective business solutions for any client.

Strategic consulting

Not only shall we develop a successful strategy for the development of your company, but we shall also build a flexible system of analysis, planning, accounting, management and control of activities, which allows to take effective measures at all stages of strategy implementation.

Operating consulting

We shall develop a management system to achieve the current (operational) tactical goals of your company for the implementation of the global strategy, as well as making timely decisions on optimizing the company expenditure and improving the efficiency of all departments.


Using economic, organizational and social-psychological management methods, we shall develop processes for the effective use and improvement of your company staff.


PROconsult provides legal, accountancy and managerial support to the newly established companies, helping to adapt to changes in legislation and ensuring optimal communication with local authorities and public utilities services.

List of PROconsult services in turn-key concept

  • Provision of information on doing business in Ukraine
  • Provision of information on cost structure in Ukraine
  • Description of customs procedures
  • Regional and city economic overview.
Legal services:
  • Summary of various types of companies in Ukraine
  • Assistance in selection of applicable company type
  • Drafting the set up documents of the company
  • Drafting the Charter of the company
  • Drafting the documents for legalization in Ukrainian embassy
  • State registration of a company and authorization at local authorities and funds
  • Permanent consultations on Client’s business activity;
  • Consultations on civil and business legislation of Ukraine;
  • legal accompaniment during the elaboration and conclusion of civil and labor contracts.
Financial services:
  • Description of salary calculation system
  • Drafting tentative budget of the company
  • On-line financial consulting
  • Cost optimizing consultations
  • Yearly audit according to international standards.
Premises follow up:
  • Search and presentation of potential production premises and land plots
  • Assistance with selection of production premises
  • Technical due-diligence of the premises and public utilities
  • Assistance in negotiation process on sale
  • Drafting the documents for sale
  • Signing of preliminary agreement   
  • Assistance in implementation / signing the agreement on sale, its relevant registration at municipal, BTI and other needed authorities.
Human resources:
  • Recruitment of director (3 candidates)
  • Recruitment of book-keeper (2-3 candidates)
  • Recruitment of processing manager.
Building maintenance:
  • Support with Project documentation
  • Organizing tender for repair with construction companies
  • Assistance in selecting finalist companies for repair
  • Assistance in price negotiations and elaboration of contracts
  • Author’s and technical control on repair process.
Import of equipment:
  • Support on best terms of importing machines in Ukraine
  • Assistance with import of machines during the start up.
Start up:
  • Basic training of appointed director
  • Certification of production at necessary inspections/authorities.