Audit services

Audit Servizi proThe aim of the management staff of each company is to create a reliable accounting system, to establish management mechanisms, to arrange communication with tax authorities. As a result, the Company receives a robust framework that guarantees the financial security of the company, making it attractive to investors, partners and creditors.

  • It is very difficult to create such a framework on your own; it requires constant analysis, adjustment and even corrections.
  • Sooner or later, any organization, regardless of ownership, is convinced of the need to use external competencies.
  • In such situations, it is appropriate to involve an audit firm.

The purpose of audit is to provide the auditor’s opinion on whether the accountancy and financial statements in all material respects comply with the regulations governing the procedure of their conduct and submission.
The result of the audit is to evaluate the financial statements of the entity and provide unmodified or modified opinion in the auditor’s report as well as recommendations to the client on how to correct the determined errors in the organization and methodology of accounting and in the preparation of financial statements.

  1. We involve various experts in the provision of audit services: auditors, tax lawyers and consultants.
  2. You get a systematic point of view and recommendations on how to eliminate the risks, e.g. how to avoid field checks when they seem quite possible.
  3. We shall evaluate legitimate financial reserves and resources, the disclosure of which will help to attract external financing, making the company more secure and profitable.

Proconsult offers

Financial audit

Financial audit is collection and processing of reliable information (audit evidence) about the financial and economic activity of the Company and the reliability of the financial statements, aimed to form the auditor's opinion reflected in the auditor's report, in other words - performing the audit of the client’s accounting and preparation of financial statements.
It helps to identify and eliminate errors in accounting and reporting, to strengthen professional reputation, to have the accuracy of accounting and reporting confirmed. If the obligatory audit (statutory audit) is required by applicable law, the audit opinion may be submitted to the controlling authorities.

Initiative audit

Initiative audit – helps to obtain an objective picture of the financial position of the company for owners and management, identify inconsistencies and accounting errors.

Tax audit

Tax audit – checking using the methodology of tax authorities in the interests of business. To timely identify and eliminate tax risks, save resources and identify tax reserves, avoid tax penalties. Eliminate the risk of criminal and administrative liability for management.

Personnel audit

Personnel audit –helps to obtain a complete picture of the status of personnel documentation and practical recommendations for the elimination of detected violations.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the check of business before buying, selling, merging or acquisition. Performing this procedure will help prepare the company for future changes.