AccountingHave you already made the decision to outsource accounting, or are you still facing a choice? We reassure you that it will be more profitable to entrust your accounting to us than to keep your own accountants.
Proconsult has been providing accounting services to both Ukrainian and foreign companies for over 10 years. We work with clients on simplified and general taxation systems.

The main factors that affect prices for the services of an accounting company:

  • Your company taxation system;
  • Volume of primary documents (invoices, bills, customs declarations, advance reports, bank payment orders, etc.);
  • Number of employees;
  • Specifics of accounting: export/import; separate VAT accounting; additional types of reporting for management, etc.;
  • The need to integrate accounting/payroll systems with other software.

Our specialists will:

  • Properly prepare accounting and tax statements and submit them in due time;
  • Align tax statements with accounting statements so that tax authorities are not suspicious;
  • Inform you about the tax burden of the company so that you know what amount should be reserved for taxes;
  • Monitor the compliance of your business tax burden with industry standards to avoid unnecessary State Taxation Administration questions;
  • Correctly calculate and pay salaries, as well as payments for sick leaves, vacations, maternity leaves and other employees’ benefits;
  • Correctly calculate the taxes connected with salary payment.

You reduce the cost of accounting

It is very difficult to ensure adequate loading of each employee in the company accounting department. If a company does not hire an assistant for its accountant, such accountant has to do more than he/she can bear, and as a result, cannot and does not even want to work out time-consuming taxation and financial issues.
If, on the contrary, additional specialists are hired - they are often not loaded enough (but pretend to be actively working). As a result, the company overpays for the amount of work that could in fact be cheaper.
Often, accounting department becomes too big and inefficient due to the fact that it so happened historically. And to optimize your costs on it, you need a detailed audit of accounting functions and business processes in the company.   

Pros of cooperation with us:

You do not pay for employees, you pay for the actual volume of services provided. At the end of each month, you receive a detailed report of our work - for example, the number of documents processed, packages of reports submitted, etc.
In addition, you transfer all your indirect bookkeeping costs (salary taxes, work place maintenance, software maintenance, etc.) to us.
When working with us, you can be sure that the cost of accounting is optimal.